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PC and Computer RepairLets face it Computers, PDA’s, Tablets, and other portable devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, almost everyone has at the very least a Smart Phone.Unfortunately these devices will need repair, or simply routine service on occasion. Get expert help, to achieve the maximum efficiency from whatever type of electronic device you are using.  We want to help, call or contact us, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of your problem, give a fair and competitive estimate for the necessary repairs.

A Certified PC Repair Technician, means you will receive professional courteous assessment and repair for your crippled computer. Honest and Fairness are always a top priority in servicing our Clients. Your satisfaction is key to our continued success.

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What You Should Know About Malware And How To Avoid It

Malware is the term used to refer to any program designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the consent of the owner. Today, malware is one of the biggest threats to computer users on the Internet. There are many types of malware programs, such as viruses, Trojans, spyware and adware. In this article, we are going to discuss methods to avoid spyware and adware infections.
Spyware programs can hijack your web browser, redirect your search or serve up unnecessary pop up ads or adware. They can also track your web-related activities, such as the websites you visit or the kind of information you search for on the web. In addition to this, spyware programs may also steal your personal information by collecting information regarding your email addresses, passwords, credit card numbers and passing it on to someone else on the web. Besides these, spyware programs eat up a major portion of your PC’s resources and slow down your system. So, if you have ever wondered why your computer is slow the answer could be the presence of spyware programs on your machine.

The best way to tackle spyware is to prevent them from getting onto your system in the first place. Mentioned below are a few tips to keep your machine free from spyware programs:

  • Do not open email attachments if you are not sure of its contents. It is prudent to confirm with the sender if the attachment was meant for you. Infected machines send out emails to everyone on their address book without the owner ever being aware of.
  • Do not use file sharing applications. You can never safely download with these programs as you cannot trust the source.
  • Do not download from websites you are not sure of. Only download from reputable websites. Also, avoid free downloads unless you are sure you can trust the source. Generally, these freebies have malicious programs attached to them, which can create havoc if given entry on your machine.
  • Do not use disks that other people give you without scanning, as it can be infected with malware.

Besides the above points, one should also be very careful of the pop up ads that appear as regular Windows notifications with links that may look like Yes or No buttons. These pop ads may install Add-on’s and other such malware on your PC. These are a type of adware application that installs a browser help object in the form of a toolbar to your Internet Explorer. It gathers information such as the websites you visit, search terms you use and then displays ads based on that information. An add-on toolbar can install other malicious programs on your PC and also slow down your internet connection. Now that you are aware of the damages Add-on’s can cause, the obvious question in your mind would be how to remove it? We recommend you seek expert help or locate on line tutorials to show you step by step the removal process. You can choose free malware tools and applications that are available on the Internet.

You can also opt to remove Tool Bars and other such programs that you no longer use to make your PC more secure. Hackers can use these unused and rarely updated programs to gain access to your PC and infest your machine with malicious code. You can easily remove these programs by using the Add or Remove Programs utility. To launch this utility, go to Control Panel | select Add or Remove Programs | select the unwanted Toolbar’s| click on Add or Remove button.

Follow the above steps to maintain a secure machine and enjoy a smooth computing experience.